Business Insurance

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What Does Business Insurance Cover?

There are a multitude of Commercial Insurance coverage types, many of which are specific to their industry. Some common types of coverage are:

  • General liability insurance: Covers third party liability claims for injuries to other people.
  • Property insurance: Pays for damage to your commercial business property.
  • Professional liability and malpractice insurance: Pays for losses due to negligent professional duty, wrongful acts, and advice or services that lead to loss or injury of another person.
  • Product liability insurance: Pays for damage, illness, injury or death that may occur from use of a faulty product.
  • Commercial vehicle insurance: Pays for damage or loss to another party arising from use of a commercial vehicle.
  • Workers compensation: Pays your employees if they become ill or injured while working on the job.

Businesses Insured

  • HVAC, Electricians, Plumbers
  • Manufacturers
  • Contractors, Masons
  • Non-Profits
  • Retailers
  • And more